Oct 032012

In our time, the Black Race is being exalted. This is by the design of God and according to a Spiritual blessing he gave to the Black descendants of Abraham. The Great Seal of the US reveals the birth of America among the Black Race in Egypt. black white wallpaper designs In order to understand the exalted role of the Black Race in Bible and American history, the Biblical Key of David must first be understood. We should pay tribute to men of God who, by the Holy Spirit, identified and preserved this key to understanding down through history so that we in the end-time would appreciate the role of race in the plan of God for civilization. black white wallpaper designs australia Traditional approaches to Black economic development are not working for African Americans. It’s time to suggest a new economic model, one that protects Black enterprises from the difficulties encountered in past business endeavors. black white wallpaper designs bedroom Psychosis is a dirty word so I don’t expect much appreciation for writing this. But we Blacks need to start owning our circumstances. Racism and discrimination persist but that isn’t the point here. black white wallpaper designs walls Black Holes have a certain aura about them. They are associated, in the minds of the general populace, with a certain mystique or ultra-mystery about them – terrifying objects that gobble up everything within range – the ultimate devourer, doomsday machine, berserker and weapon of mass destruction (if you could figure out how to manipulate one of course) all rolled into one. But Black Holes have other aspects about them that are equally fascinating, and not really all that weird, though some bits are weirder than others. But you don’t have to be a geek to come to terms with these concepts. black white wallpaper designs uk In his Audacity of Hope, and in his political philosophy our president holds for a black liberation position that envisions the removal of all economic, social, philosophical, religious, and political barriers and effecting a union of all peoples in our society on a common ground. Does the president also believe, as do many of the leaders of Black theology, that Black Power must be in control in order to assure that this newly formed egalitarian state be righteously and fairly administered?

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