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Bedroom wallpaper helps you create the bedroom of your dreams. Invite romance, serenity, and style into your life, and make this special place all your own with an expressive bedroom wallpaper. When decorating a master bedroom, think about the ambiance that you want to create. For a boudoir-style glamour, may we suggest a luxurious damask, or a metallic wallpaper? Or, for a pleasant bed and breakfast warmth, consider a French floral or pretty plaid wallpaper. Be inspired for dreamy bedroom decor with this gallery of bedroom wallpaper ideas.


Don’t shy away from bold wallpaper in a small room. A cleverly-chosen print can really open up an enclosed space: Stripes will make all the difference to your small bedroom and give the illusion of extra height or width. Try playing around with visuals and hang stripes in different directions to create a unique talking point.



Even though it’s true that the bedroom should be as simple as possible in order to feel airy, calm and relaxing, it also feels cold and empty without a hint of color and texture. It’s why accent walls are an especially beautiful feature in the bedroom. They represent a way of introducing color and pattern into the décor and they complete the overall design.



A great way to incorporate wallpaper into your bedroom is with one feature wall. This way, you can go all out on print or pattern and choose something really extravagant, without breaking the bank. Try papering one wall behind your bed for that chic hotel look, or frame your bed with a few strips of wallpaper for a modern take on a traditional headboard.




Think about using wallpaper in a completely new way to really make a statement. Papering the ceiling will make a striking focal point, as will papered furniture. Transform plain table and chairs into something really special with patterned and brightly coloured wallpaper or line your shelves with flocked wallpaper to make the most of simple storage solutions.

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Cabinetry dominates the kitchen, typically covering about 60 percent of its perimeter. With so little left for walls, how do you make an impact? Wallpaper provides an enormous visual punch in even small doses with pattern, color, and texture. In this kitchen, golden wallpaper warms up a room dominated by white and maple cabinetry.


The kitchen is a space where you will spend a lot of time, and our kitchen wallpaper designs will make a magazine worthy look! Warm and bright, fresh and modern, or sweet and charming… What does your dream kitchen look like? For many of us the kitchen is a gathering place, a space to enjoy both cooking and entertaining.


From happy prints to inspire your creativity to clean textures to revamp your walls, the right wallpaper will make the room splendid. Because cabinets and appliances take up a lot of wall space here, kitchen wallpaper also provides an opportunity to add a splash of color. Wallpaper for the kitchen is a beautiful décor idea.


Install tough, cleanable vinyl wallpaper to create a handsome backsplash in your kitchen. Even expensive material won’t cost much since you’ll need very little. Make the most out of your kitchen by personalizing it with your favorite wall décor.


Here’s another modern kitchen, unexpectedly punched up with a floral wallpaper. An advantage of the plexi approach is that you don’t need the 4″ backsplash you sometimes see in kitchens, where the countertop material wraps onto the wall — it’s a more elegant and minimal treatment. (Although, of course, there is nothing minimal about a wall of rose-printed wallpaper.)



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Modern wallpaper design tends to be trend nowadays in many home decorations. Many different ideas such as stripes, metallic, geometric designs are getting people’s attentions in the interior design of a house. However, it is not just limited to these designs only since you can always create your own designs and decors using your own creativity.

Contemporary Wallpaper Design Ideas

Using wallpaper in home décor is a good way to disguise flaws in walls, add color and texture, and unite elements of your living room. However, trends in wallpaper have changed over the years from the consistent floral patterns you may find in older homes. Wallpaper styles for the 21st century and beyond use more subtle colors and patterns to keep them from becoming quickly outdated or monotonous. When decorating with wallpaper, look for simple designs that will enhance the look of your living room.

Modern Interior Wallpaper Design

Stripes may not sound like a subtle wallpaper design, but if they are created using the right colors and design, they will greatly impact the room. Horizontally striped wallpaper will make a wall look longer, and vertically striped paper will make a wall look taller. Vertically striped wallpaper should be used in a living room with low ceilings to make it look taller. The paper should feature stripes that are a very similar color to the base color of the paper, or even the same color with a different finish. For instance, the base can be a matte gray with shiny gray stripes in the same color. This will prevent the paper from looking overly patterned, and will instead give it an elegant feel.

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Wallpaper murals make a bold statement by adding a contemporary spin to the traditional mural. Your own photographic images can now cover entire walls or rooms – certain wallpaper manufacturers accept .jpg or .pdf files and print customized rolls of wallpaper from them. Create a panoramic landscape view by using your own photos of the great outdoors to cover all of the walls in a room, and even cover doors in the room, too, to create a “seamless” feel. Allow teens to create their own collage-style wallpaper by using a collection of various pictures, images and drawings to help them customize their bedrooms.

Modern Wallpaper Design

Hanging wallpaper is a nod to Eastern decor. This simple Asian-influenced look requires only the top edge of the wallpaper to attach to a wall – allow the paper to hang freely down to the floor. Some wallpaper stylists allow the remaining roll to actually rest on the floor. This simple look works best with a plain wall as the background. One or two rolls of paper are sufficient – use one roll per wall, or perhaps place two rolls on a wall, one to either side of a fireplace or big-screen TV. Redecorating is easy; simply detach the paper along its top and save the paper for later use.

Modern Wallpaper For Living Room

Contemporary designs include subtler metallic finishes in wallpaper. Many papers feature printed or embossed designs adorning paper of a metallic finish. Many styles come in matte paper highlighted with metallic-finish floral, stripe, or other repeating patterns. A vast array of colors and styles exist. For a public room or room used for entertaining, consider flocked velvet patterns on metallic paper of a subtle sheen. Or try a textured matte wallpaper with metallic designs of silver, muted bronze, or gold. For a teen who thrives on novelty, consider using muted silver on a single wall. He can adorn the wall with awards or artwork, then create his own lighting scheme to enhance the effect.

Modern Wallpaper

Geometric wallpaper is a popular wallpaper style for modern decorating styles. While this type of wallpaper will give the room a very creative, striking look, it also may become dated quickly, depending on the paper you choose. To keep geometric wallpaper fresh, wallpaper should be applied to only one wall in the room as a focal point. Surrounding walls can be painted in a complementary or matching color. The color rules that applied to the Victorian and striped patterns are very important when it comes to geometric wallpaper. The geometric shapes should be communicated using texture as opposed to color. For instance, a complementary geometric pattern would use squares all in one color that rotate between matte and shiny finishes.