Mar 132014

Wallpaper was believed to have been invented as far back as 200BC by the Chinese, who glued rice-paper onto their walls and also onto wooden frames to make simple and lightweight room separation screens. Often hand painted, this rather luxurious (and expensive) method of decorating paper soon changed with the arrival of wooden block printing techniques which enabled the mass production of repeating patterns that could be easily and cheaply replicated. ceiling wallpaper designs Can’t figure out what to do with those old CDs and DVDs? Consider the options before tossing them in the garbage. ceiling wallpaper designs india Arbor Day, as it is commonly known today, is of American origin and was first observed in Nebraska, USA on the 10th of April 1872. Now it is always observed on the last Friday in April. Arbor Day in different forms and names is now observed in more than fifty countries. photo of ceiling wallpaper designs Celebrating 4th of July with family and friends has always been a favorite and enjoyable activity for people of all ages. People just love to give their home a patriotic look, just like their clothes and food. image of ceiling wallpaper designs The BMW M1 model is the first M-Series model produced by BMW, during the period 1978 to 1981. The model is a two door coupe sports car designed with the rear mid-engine layout and it is offered in rear wheel drive. The BMW M1 model is designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro. picture of ceiling wallpaper designs Wall murals add extra dimension to any room. With an unlimited variety of subjects to choose from, including any picture of your own choosing, you now have the capability of transforming any room into any place or art form imaginable. If you let your creative imagination run wild, you will be able to add a magical atmosphere to any room of your home.

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