Oct 102012

Ikea furniture has been the founder, owner and keeper of the concept of cost effective and minimalist decorating for global households for over 50 years. Renowned for their simple self assembly, the furniture items tend to be in a concise range of finishes- normally beech, dark brown, white and black. Accessories provide more colour, however the base concept is aligned with Scandinavian minimalism. To create a truly unique and individual treatment for your Ikea (and similarly styled) furniture, the use of customised wall decals or designer graphics is a great way to achieve “your look”. designer wall decals From work to home, we experience everyday within a space that we have created. We move through life with elements surrounding us, that create a mood for us and at times these elements draw out overwhelming emotions. designer wall decals stickers These days, do-it-yourself home decors are the way to go. This saves us a lot of money plus we can be more creative when working on our own. With wall decals, we can immediately start-off on livening-up our walls even if we are on a tight budget. designer wall decals australia When you think of a large mural – you will probably think painting. This involves commissioning a mural by an artist if you are not artistic yourself at all. These can be expensive not to mention taking hours, even weeks to complete – that is a lot of disruption to your home or office or wherever you are choosing to place your mural. designer wall decals kids Duvet covers come in such a wide array of choices that it is often very difficult to decide which one to buy. You can get them in almost any color and they can be custom made to fit in with your bed and bedroom decor. There is also a great choice of materials from which they can be made. designer wall decals uk Redecorating your home interior requires more than money because it involves knowing what you want to achieve. Same thing goes with designing your window covering. And since window covering brings a lot of weight and overall appearance to your interior, this is probably the single home detailing issue you should spend most of your time on.

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