Oct 082013

The idea of redecorating can sound like a frightening and expensive task to some, but incorporating the latest decor trends can be done quickly, easily, and fashionably with damask wallpaper. A classic and global design dating as far back as the early Middle Ages, damasks have always been a staple when designing a room and are constantly being reinvented and adapted to trends. With wallpaper making a full-force comeback in the world of interior design, damask patterns are a great way to update a room with the decor and furnishings you already have. graham and brown wallpaper You can have a stylish home in the Credit Crunch! Top paint, decorating and furniture buying tips to change the look of your home on budget. graham and brown wallpaper discount The trend forecasters have been busy again. Apparently (according to Enlighten) there are 3 fab new looks for our homes for Spring/Summer 2011. Unless you were planning a major redecoration you need simple ways of injecting these trends and we have the perfect solution

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