Oct 112012

A wall of pictures is a wonderful way to create a feature wall within your home decor or for decorating a bare area of the home, such as a high stairwell wall.?? You can pick up frames and pictures relatively inexpensively or set yourself a goal to use art as an investment for the future by collecting pieces by artists you like. Hang them on your walls, enjoy them and watch them appreciate in value. graham brown wallpaper How do I choose a good-quality sofa? I want a sofa that I’ll be able to keep for years. What should I look for? graham brown wallpaper samples The trend forecasters have been busy again. Apparently (according to Enlighten) there are 3 fab new looks for our homes for Spring/Summer 2011. Unless you were planning a major redecoration you need simple ways of injecting these trends and we have the perfect solution

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