Nov 042012

The idea of redecorating can sound like a frightening and expensive task to some, but incorporating the latest decor trends can be done quickly, easily, and fashionably with damask wallpaper. A classic and global design dating as far back as the early Middle Ages, damasks have always been a staple when designing a room and are constantly being reinvented and adapted to trends. With wallpaper making a full-force comeback in the world of interior design, damask patterns are a great way to update a room with the decor and furnishings you already have. graham wallpaper With the re-introduction of wallpaper into modern day interior design, creating a “feature wall” or redecorating an entire room has suddenly taken on a whole new meaning. Rather than simply painting a chimney breast a darker shade of chocolate brown paint, we’ve now been given the perfect excuse to utilize the new trend for brightly colored and elaborately patterned wallpaper to transform our homes from the neutral 90’s to the colorful Noughties! graham wallpaper design It is commonly thought by some people that wallpaper has had its day and that it is now old fashioned. It might be assumed that most people prefer to paint their walls, saving cost and hassle. This is definitely not true judging by Graham and Brown wallpaper. Whilst paint might be the easiest, cheaper option, it is not tops on style, subtlety or sophistication. graham wallpaper uk Men can also choose from something like a button down formal style long-sleeve shirt, or they can choose something a bit sportier like a short sleeve polo to wear out on the golf course. There are also several color options and different designs to consider when ordering your new Robert Graham shirts online. kat graham wallpaper I wish that, seventeen years ago, I had known about the creations of Gisela Graham. Seventeen years ago was around the time I decorated my oldest son’s nursery with a slew of boyish-themed vehicles. The vehicles ranged from planes and trains to trucks and boats, and all were filled and accented with bright, primary colours. snow and graham wallpaper Born February 15, 1929 in Hampstead, London, England, Norman Graham Hill, simply known as Graham, was a Formula One racecar driver. Until and long after his death in 1975, Hill was one of the most controversial inclusions on the sport’s “all time greatest” list. Part of the reason some fans and critics wish to see his name included among the greats is the fabulous feat he pulled off during his career, the Triple Crown of Motorsport.

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