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Wallpaper offers more than just decorative appeal, it can change the perception of a room’s size and feel. Bold patterns and rich colors can transform a big space into a cozy nest while light tones and subtle designs make a room appear larger. Wallpapering is not difficult and is easily done and not as messy as painting. striped wallpaper The use of stripes in home decor is usually considered appropriate for people with a more daring approach. Whether this is strictly true or not, we don’t know. We do know that there are only a few women with figures fabulous enough to wear stripes, so maybe we should proceed with the same caution when dressing our homes too. Read how to include stripes in your design scheme. striped wallpaper borders A desktop background is more than a simple image for millions of people, and this is the reason why the 3D wallpaper format is gaining in popularity every day. The most common images used as wallpapers are Hawaiian beaches, the Grand Canyon or artist futuristic renderings. striped wallpaper bedroom If you’re a renter, you’re among the millions of people who took the standard detour between leaving home and home ownership. You, the style-savvy renter, don’t have to give up your dream of living in a space you’ll absolutely love to come home to. striped wallpaper for bathrooms Luxury and glamour are once again in fashion and a great way to add some of both into your home is with Wallpaper. To help you choose wallpaper that contains classic elements of the Deco style, I have come up with a list of the main characteristics you should look for.. striped wallpaper texture Striped carpets can provide a great alternative to more complex patterns or single colour carpets when used in the right way. If you are creating a room with a retro feel, a striped carpet is the easiest way to achieve the effect while retaining a modern feel and avoiding 70’s retro wallpaper.

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