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Wallpaper is a simple element that should be added to the decorative list of any interior decorator that is looking to give vivacity to a room or set up. With people trying to move a bit ahead of their boundaries to beautify their work places and homes, designer wallpapers have become a huge hit in the market. From simple and economic paper styles to fabric based 3D illusions, there is a lot to explore and select from. Apart from increasing the beauty of a place, they might also be useful sometimes to hide an imperfection in architecture. graffiti wallpaper Hip Hop wallpaper websites let you download rap music artists, hip hop honeys, graffiti and celebrity photos and post them right on your desktop. These sites are everywhere, though which ones provide the best quality? Here’s my list of where you can find hip hop wallpaper for your desktop. graffiti wallpaper for walls Can’t decide which picture to put on your wall? Why not choose all your favorites witha collage? graffiti wallpaper hd One thing that writers come across time and again is “Writer’s Block”. Even when you try to think of something to write, nothing seems to work! graffiti wallpaper iphone Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking at Rutgers University in front of around 150 high school students, which was a lot better than speaking behind them. The subject was humor columns, so it goes without saying that walruses came up multiple times. I mean, so many times that I completely lost track. Like, at least seven times. graffiti wallpaper creator To all people around the world who like reading books, magazine, newspapers, etc. I wish all of you know and take part of the new way of reading book as I do now.

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Wallpaper offers more than just decorative appeal, it can change the perception of a room’s size and feel. Bold patterns and rich colors can transform a big space into a cozy nest while light tones and subtle designs make a room appear larger. Wallpapering is not difficult and is easily done and not as messy as painting. striped wallpaper The use of stripes in home decor is usually considered appropriate for people with a more daring approach. Whether this is strictly true or not, we don’t know. We do know that there are only a few women with figures fabulous enough to wear stripes, so maybe we should proceed with the same caution when dressing our homes too. Read how to include stripes in your design scheme. striped wallpaper borders A desktop background is more than a simple image for millions of people, and this is the reason why the 3D wallpaper format is gaining in popularity every day. The most common images used as wallpapers are Hawaiian beaches, the Grand Canyon or artist futuristic renderings. striped wallpaper bedroom If you’re a renter, you’re among the millions of people who took the standard detour between leaving home and home ownership. You, the style-savvy renter, don’t have to give up your dream of living in a space you’ll absolutely love to come home to. striped wallpaper for bathrooms Luxury and glamour are once again in fashion and a great way to add some of both into your home is with Wallpaper. To help you choose wallpaper that contains classic elements of the Deco style, I have come up with a list of the main characteristics you should look for.. striped wallpaper texture Striped carpets can provide a great alternative to more complex patterns or single colour carpets when used in the right way. If you are creating a room with a retro feel, a striped carpet is the easiest way to achieve the effect while retaining a modern feel and avoiding 70’s retro wallpaper.

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How to wallpaper over brick or cement block walls. The problems of concealing grouting and rough surfaces are easily overcome. Lining paper, if properly applied, will stretch over and hide the rough patches and the effect can be completed by using a heavy or embossed wallpaper. embossed wallpaper Wallpaper always is a good choice to beautify your interior design. Although many preferences are available in the market, choosing the best product for your interior design is not that easy. Thinking about this several considerations will be very useful to help you choose a certain product. What are those considerations, then? embossed wallpaper lowes No doubt, mobile phones nowadays are not just the essential parts of lives, rather have become fashion accessories for the modern people. With the advancement of technology present day fashion enthusiasts are facilitating with cool and trendy designed mobile handsets that help them enhance their fashion statement. Ultra fashionable handsets with boring black colored or same-old designed wallpapers reduce the aesthetics associated with the phone, in order to keep the elegance one needs to install as cool looking mobile wallpaper as the handset itself. embossed wallpaper for ceilings Creative. Conceptual. Quintessential. Sexy. Unique. These are just a few words that can describe Lady Gaga, who was crowned the most powerful celebrity in 2011 (she even beat Oprah!). Gaga is known for her activism, inspiring a “Born this Way” campaign, she has a following of ‘little monsters’, and is even coming out with a clothing line with her little sister, Natali. embossed wallpaper border People prefer to decorate living rooms and bedrooms according to their preferences, and for this purpose they spend a lot of time on searching for right material, design, and style, which suits their rooms. Although it is a difficult task, but it has been made a lot easier today due to presence of so many brands providing the most stylish coverings and wallpapers at very competitive prices. embossed wallpaper samples Today’s wallpapers are convenient and practical to use in case you want to renovate or change the appearance of your walls. You can choose from various widths (18 to 27 inches) of wallpaper in the market.

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Jan 262013

Archive designs Wallpapers taken from the archives are historic but far from old-fashioned. Follow our tips to make a traditional archive-print wallpaper work beautifully in your home. You don’t have to live in an old house for these wallpapers to work, but, for best effect, choose a design that suits the scale of your home. black design wallpaper When you seek you beautify your home through the use of appealing wallpaper designs, let not your sense of naivete dictate the choices you make. There are many designs out there, far more than any one person is likely to be able to view and process, and you might lose sense of what would look good in reality when confronted with such a smorgasbord. white black design wallpaper Open any interior design magazine these days and you are sure to spot wallpaper as the latest trend in home design. Decorating today is all about the layering of texture with wallpaper and is replacing the painted feature wall, and it’s not expected to go away anytime soon. red black design wallpaper Bathroom wallpaper can be an affordable solution to boost the look of your bathroom. Paint simply can’t beat its style and elegance. If you’ve ever tried painting stripes or elaborate patterns on your walls, you know how troublesome it can be – not to mention tedious. pink black design wallpaper Wildlife brings so much abundance and joy to our lives. Animals in the wild inspire awe and wonder. Animal murals bring radiant and undeniable warmth to your room’s decor. You will feel happy and more connected to nature. design color wallpaper black white The abstracted views of Natural Patterns Wall Murals are a treat for the senses. These are purposely basic images that, when viewed as wall murals, are works of art. You should think of them as pure, simple and natural. With Mother Nature as the source, these graphically enhanced photos create murals that are a rich source of inspiration.

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Jan 172013

Bathing and using the bathroom in the American way has endured the many designs from all over the glove. Not much as changed, but everything else from toilet, tubs and showers have improved. victorian wallpaper designs If you love Victorian interior design, this article is right up your doily….er, I mean, right up your alley! This type of design aesthetic is certainly not for a house of men, nor for women who do not particularly like floral fabrics or lace very much. Victorian design is definitely for the girly-girl. victorian wallpaper designs uk Lots of people believe that Victorian interior design is very challenging and expensive. Nothing could be further from the truth. Creating a Victorian look is actually quite easy and can be done even on a tight budget. A Victorian interior design can be achieved by using lots of extravagant fabrics, wallpapers and tapestries. However this does not mean you will have to spend lots of money on these items. You can just use things you have lying around your house. victorian wallpaper designs free Previously eco-friendly interiors was more functional than luxurious, however a new wave of eco-friendly designers have demonstrated that eco-friendly doesn’t have to mean boring. If you do choose to buy a few eco pieces for your bedroom continue it throughout with textured materials and fabrics

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The technology age is considered by many to be one of the most cold and impersonal. With communications devices that allow for so many people to interact without ever meeting face-to-face, this reputation might just be well earned. When it comes to cell phones, however, there are ways to help make the personality shine. Individualized cellular phone wallpaper is one such way. funky wallpaper designs When you seek you beautify your home through the use of appealing wallpaper designs, let not your sense of naivete dictate the choices you make. There are many designs out there, far more than any one person is likely to be able to view and process, and you might lose sense of what would look good in reality when confronted with such a smorgasbord. funky wallpaper designs for room Many folks, if weren’t mostly thrown for a loop when they saw a batch of mobile wallpapers whose original samples are based on a series of exquisite photos about nature stood on the weekly downloads tops during the past few weeks. After all, it’s quite infrequent for wallpapers with natural theme to occupy a position of the gradation continuously. Although we take it for granted that the order means something, the point that natural theme wallpapers would arouse download enthusiasm of users and therefore lead a new trend is open to question. funky wallpaper designs for walls Sometimes choosing between wallpaper and paint can be almost impossible, but there are pro’s and con’s for both. It used to be that wallpaper was unfashionable, so it made the decision a little easier, but nowadays wallpaper is back in fashion and feature walls can include paint OR wallpaper. funky wallpaper designs uk Wallpapering is a fun, relatively simple way to finish your wall. Get a few key techniques down and you’ll be able to start throwing up your own wallpaper like a pro! funky wallpaper designs australia Finding a house decorated with peeling wallpaper in several rooms means you’ve found a house badly in need of a total makeover – before it’s too late! Wallpaper was very popular in days gone by but has recently been overtaken by just plain paint finishes in most rooms (pastels especially).

Jan 022013

There are a variety of wallpaper decorating ideas you can use in your home. Gone are the days when wallpaper was reserved for your walls alone. It’s easy to take your favorite wallpaper or a leftover piece and put it center stage on a dresser front or as a headboard to create a unique piece that is full of style and personality. wallpaper decorating When there isn’t enough room for everyone to have their own space, people must share. This is true not only for an office, but for families, college roommates and schools. One way to give people their own space is to put up a partition. Each person can decorate it as they wish using vinyl stickers on their side of the barriers. wallpaper decorating ideas bedroom When it comes to home decorating, we always thought that it is expensive. Nonetheless, all homeowners and even those who are just renting still have the chance to perform that task in an easy manner. wallpaper decorating ideas The days of fighting with stencils, paint, and a mess in an attempt to add elegance to your d??cor are over! Rather than spending hours or even all day attempting to perfectly paint that ivy, damask, scroll work, etc on your walls you can now only spend minutes. With removable wall decals that are precut you can decorate your wall, cabinets, furniture, and more in just minutes. wallpaper decorating trends Whether your family is expecting a little prince or princess, creating beautiful and unique nursery walls is now as easy as 1-2-3. Peel and stick removable wall decals allow you to create a lovely mural without a lot of work and money. wallpaper decorating ideas living room What better way to decorate a child’s room than with large, colorful stickers that can be removed later on? There are a lot of benefits to using decals to decorate, especially in a kid’s room where the occupant’s tastes will be changing rapidly!

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Dec 302012

Today’s wallpapers are convenient and practical to use in case you want to renovate or change the appearance of your walls. You can choose from various widths (18 to 27 inches) of wallpaper in the market. elegant wallpaper If you are someone who is looking for a way to give your dining room a different look then you need not search further. Retro wallpapers are something that can add the color and ‘the’ magic to your dining area that you are looking for. elegant wallpaper borders Perhaps one of the most appealing to computer users these days is the concept of having their own picture posted in their computer screens. To customize desktop wallpapers is considered an easy task and would only entail few clicks of the mouse to bring out the kind of mood you want to project. Computer users’ preference varies from one person to another thus, creating your own desktop interface and image develops your sense of creativity without putting much of an effort. elegant wallpaper pattern People have expressed their individuality in countless ways. Individuality can be manifested in the way a person thinks, talks, or dresses, among many other things. In today’s age where technology plays a vital role in shaping people’s lives, people now have other ways to express their individuality. One of those newer outlets is by choosing a desktop wallpaper that caters to one’s personality. elegant wallpaper for nursery Whether you are a home owner or a business office owner, at some point you would also be faced with the eternal question of “Which is better, paint or wallpaper?” So here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of both wallpaper and paint which may help make answering that question easier for you. elegant wallpaper for bedroom So you bought a new house. You love everything about it except for the ugly wallpaper borders in almost every room. Time to get them off the wall.

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Dec 272012

Wallpaper was believed to have been invented as far back as 200BC by the Chinese, who glued rice-paper onto their walls and also onto wooden frames to make simple and lightweight room separation screens. Often hand painted, this rather luxurious (and expensive) method of decorating paper soon changed with the arrival of wooden block printing techniques which enabled the mass production of repeating patterns that could be easily and cheaply replicated. contemporary wallpapers To a lot of people, their laptops or desktop computers sort of become their partners. They use these gadgets when they need to work, unwind and in most cases, even communicate to their loved ones. Because of that, these individuals spend a lot of their time and sometimes even money to customize their “partners”. contemporary wallpapers designs Hip Hop wallpaper websites let you download rap music artists, hip hop honeys, graffiti and celebrity photos and post them right on your desktop. These sites are everywhere, though which ones provide the best quality? Here’s my list of where you can find hip hop wallpaper for your desktop. contemporary wallpapers uk From the skyline of Manhattan, New York to a white sand beach in the South Pacific, you are instantly transported as soon as you enter the room. What I am gong to discuss today will give you this wonderful mood enhancer just by looking at your walls. contemporary wallpapers desktop Ask anybody what wallpaper was 20 years ago and they would have said it was a sticky large paper with pattern that you stuck on walls as an alternative to paint. Fast forward to today and most will inform you that it’s the image on your computer’s desktop for all to admire. Confounding isn’t it? contemporary wallpapers bedroom The moment you realize you are pregnant is an extremely exciting time. Lots of people just run out the very second they learn the news to tell all their friends and relatives about this exciting event. Others tend to rush to the nearest store, straight to the home improvement department and try to get the best possible baby room supplies so that they can have it ready for the new arrival.

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Steam Cleaners for home use are easy to find, but is there a really good one you can buy at a discount price? There are brands that get 5-star ratings from most consumers but come with a very reasonable price tag. We’ll show you which ones. wallpapers for home Are you tired of your dreary old place but not able to afford a pick me up? There may be a heap of free government money in home improvement grants that can help you afford a new facelift on your home. And you’ll never have to pay the money back! wallpapers for home interiors Nowadays, decorating homes with trendy and attractive wallpapers is quite a common fashion and thanks to eco-friendly wallpapers for home decor, this concept has become quite a rage with all. With every aspect of our modern lives becoming more and more organic and environment friendly, even home decor items have joined this list to protect the environment from the ill-effects of plastic and other goods. As a result of this growing awareness, eco-friendly wallpapers for home decor have become quite a rage in the market with more and more people opting for it than the normal wallpapers. wallpapers for home screen iphone The fact of the matter is that there is no better element for your walls to make them talk about your personality than wallpaper. The great thing is that wallpapers are now available in varying sizes and matching borders, which is unlike the past. wallpapers for home screen If you have always loved the elegant combination of black and white for your dining room then you are not the only one, as there is a huge section of people who love this elegant combination. To get the best out of these colors in the dining room nowadays you can make use of the retro wallpapers which are widely available today. Using retro wallpapers is one great way of decorating your modern dining room with these stylish wall papers. These stylish wallpapers help in creating a dramatic effect on your dining room. wallpapers for home decor Several times in the past few weeks, I have been informed by clients that wallpaper is “out.” I would hate to see this source of exciting decorating ideas abandoned and suspect that the “out” response is more from fear of the unknown than any kind of practical decorating sense. Of course, decorating is just like fashion, there is a need to have trendy styles that come and go. However, wallpaper has been around since 200 BC so the Chinese must have been on to something with this “trend.”

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