Oct 272015

In love with the idea of fabulous wallpaper but afraid to pick (and make it stick)? From modern geometrics to feminine florals, get inspired by these wow-worthy ideas. If your walls could talk, they would thank you.Want to see more stylish picks? Here’s a roundup of our favorite modern wallpaper designs for study room.

A study is often a poor cousin of a room, cluttered with papers and files and computers and printers it can lack character. Let us take a trip back in time to when every house had a study to be proud of. These rooms were thoughtful workspaces and people like Dickens and Darwin would write some of their most important scripts in these sanctums.


Obviously this would be seeing it through a very male perspective and wreathed in a veil of smoke. A study can still look stunning and imaginative even when accommodating less than attractive modern work aids and can be a space for anyone who wants to work in it.


Different colours have different impact on the learning. The preference of colours varies with the kids’ age as well.

Warm and bright colours are liked by preschool age children.


Medium cool colours are the choices of middle school kids.

High school children go for deeper hues.


Specific colours are known to stimulate the interest of kids in particular subject. Few of the commonly known impact causing colours are listed below.

Yellow – energetic, lighthearted colour.

Orange –bright hues are stimulating.

Peach – the soft tones inspire creativity.

Blue – instills tranquility and logical reasoning.

Green – creates a soothing effect.


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