Mar 052015

Although Victorian interior design doesn’t suit everyone’s tastes, the Victorian style can be adapted and implemented in a variety of pleasing ways. Read on to find out how…. victorian wallpaper For many people the dream of an old house is not a grand country house but a stylish Victorian Terrace. Much like any well planned house in Victorian Terraces the fireplace is the focal point of the house. Many people will try to match modern accessories with antique fireplaces, this is possible but often the most sympathetic restoration will rely on using some other Victorian decoration. victorian wallpaper patterns The Victorian period, defined by the years of life of Queen Victoria (1819 to 1901) appeals to those with a sense of elegance and formality. Here is some info on decorating. victorian wallpaper border How to decorate your rooms in the Victorian Style and bring a sense of affluence, elegance and luxury to your home. I uncover the evolution of this style and how you can replicate Victorian Interior Design using wall and ceiling features, rich, deep wall colours, patterns and wallpaper, layers of fabric and folds, reproduction furniture, lighting and many more accessories. victorian wallpaper designs In the western society, the Victoria style simply arose naturally. The woman behind this inspirational design is Queen Victoria (1837-1901). All throughout her reign, there were three popular designs

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