May 292013

When you think of a large mural – you will probably think painting. This involves commissioning a mural by an artist if you are not artistic yourself at all. These can be expensive not to mention taking hours, even weeks to complete – that is a lot of disruption to your home or office or wherever you are choosing to place your mural. wallpaper decals Whether you’re a parent or a grandparent or just love kids, you know that kids are always changing and growing. This is a wonderful aspect of children, except when it comes to keeping up with their room decor. wallpaper decals stickers Traditional art work, elegant metal and 3D sculptures are just a few ways to enhance walls and create a personalised space. However, wallpaper and wall stickers are also beautiful alternatives. Here are some pointers, which should be taken into consideration when choosing. wallpaper decals floral There are many possibilities of how to decorate the nursery or the kid’s room. You can buy wall paper, decals or have your child paint something on the walls! And sometimes it is not that easy to figure out what is the best for the room. You just know one thing: Something is missing. You want different colors and some nice features. Find out in my article what possibilities there are… wallpaper decals kids The addition of a wall mural to a maser bathroom is a soothing sensation for the senses. wallpaper decals australia Looking for a fun or colorful theme for your child’s bedroom? Tropical island beach themes are popular and beautiful, and can offer many different decorating ideas. One of the coolest and most popular ways to turn any kid’s bedroom into a surfer’s dream is through the use of beach surf wall murals.

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