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Removable paper is also ideal for renters often it is difficult for home renters to personalize their living space. Many landlords do not want tenants painting, much less installing wall paper into rental units because it is an added cost to cover or remove when those tenants leave. wallpaper designs If you have a little extra money to invest into your wall covering project, consider the possibilities of some of the more unusual options. Some designer wall covering are being produced in a wild array of materials and textures like fake fur, glass beaded paper, woven fibre, stitched paper, and others. wallpaper design ideas Over the past 10 years wall paper borders have been growing in popularity with designers. Read about a variety of fun, easy and eye catching creative applications that has made wall paper borders move to the top of the list for frugal home interior design embellishments. wallpaper designs for bathrooms It has never been easier to spruce up a room without a lot of the fuss or expense of painting or messy wall paper. The new peel & stick wall decals make it easy to change a plain wall into a wall with fun designs or themes in less time than it would take to pick out a paint color! wallpaper designs for living room An introduction to contemporary interior decor with wall decals with simple tips for a modern, customized DIY interior. wallpaper designs for bedrooms Youngsters, especially little girls love to live in their fantasy world where there are handsome princesses, castles, magic and many more. Cartoons shown about such princes and princesses in fairy tales lighten the faces of kids and they will do about anything to get them to their homes. Parents can now fulfil their dreams by adorning their kids rooms with Disney princess wall stickers.

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