May 112015

Cabinetry dominates the kitchen, typically covering about 60 percent of its perimeter. With so little left for walls, how do you make an impact? Wallpaper provides an enormous visual punch in even small doses with pattern, color, and texture. In this kitchen, golden wallpaper warms up a room dominated by white and maple cabinetry.


The kitchen is a space where you will spend a lot of time, and our kitchen wallpaper designs will make a magazine worthy look! Warm and bright, fresh and modern, or sweet and charming… What does your dream kitchen look like? For many of us the kitchen is a gathering place, a space to enjoy both cooking and entertaining.


From happy prints to inspire your creativity to clean textures to revamp your walls, the right wallpaper will make the room splendid. Because cabinets and appliances take up a lot of wall space here, kitchen wallpaper also provides an opportunity to add a splash of color. Wallpaper for the kitchen is a beautiful décor idea.


Install tough, cleanable vinyl wallpaper to create a handsome backsplash in your kitchen. Even expensive material won’t cost much since you’ll need very little. Make the most out of your kitchen by personalizing it with your favorite wall décor.


Here’s another modern kitchen, unexpectedly punched up with a floral wallpaper. An advantage of the plexi approach is that you don’t need the 4″ backsplash you sometimes see in kitchens, where the countertop material wraps onto the wall — it’s a more elegant and minimal treatment. (Although, of course, there is nothing minimal about a wall of rose-printed wallpaper.)



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