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There are a variety of wallpaper themes that you can choose for the playroom. Try a floral feature wall in the bedroom, statement geometrics in the living room or a folksy design for a kid’s room; there really are so many unique ways to hang wallpaper in your home. So, from pretty florals to trompe-l’oeil to bold (and slightly wacky) prints, get inspired by our pick of the best wallpaper designs.

Choosing the right wallpaper design can vary between the cool nautical approach to a Disney princess-themed room that your little girl would adore. If a girl likes to play with dolls, use this traditional and beautiful girls room decor theme. All you need is to arrange a special place for her dolls. If young kids like to read, then you need to design a cozy window seat with inviting cushions and decorate kids bedroom with book shelves.



One of the most important consideration is young child’s personality and preferences. It is important to know what decorating ideas kids like and what wallpaper patterns or paint colors they prefer before changing kids bedroom decor. Favorite kids decorating ideas are important, creative and inspiring.



Irrespective of the theme you have, make sure there is ample color around at all times. Combine vibrant shades with chic geometric patterns to usher in a fun and playful vibe.




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